I love writing scores and getting the music to help tell a story!

Tee & Mo was a fantastic opportunity to really get stuck into some very demanding score writing. Since the lead characters don't speak as such, the music had a lot of work to do to help convey the narrative of the story. 

Below are some of my very favourite moments from an incredibly diverse 52 episodes of score; epic classical strings anthems, daft eighties power rock, latino grooves and boogie woogie piano to name but a few! Have a rummage...

Mo is playing piano on her own- Tee comes back into the room and changes the vibe into a full scale boogie woogie jam session!

Tee makes up for spilling Mo's perfume by making something special to replace it with...

Mo helps Tee to turn his favourite toy ‘Action Ape’ into something a bit special.

Ha-Harr me hearties, pirate Tee is on the loose! Look out flowers…

It's a dance day! But Tee's not so sure anymore when he sees someone laughing at his dance moves.

Tee is sad that Mr Ogg's garden is better than his... until he comes up a cunning garden creation solution.

Tee gets some unusual visitors to his junk shop.

Tee's trying to hide from Mo so he can keep playing his favourite computer game- can Mo find him?!

Zumba tastic! Mo is doing some dansercise... what will Tee make of this?

It’s cold! We need ‘Mars’ from The Planet Suite performed on school type instruments.

Time for a face wipe... but first Mo has to catch Tee!

Tee tries to sneak into Mo's new bed at night... but will she spot his cunning ruse?

Mo follows Tee through the trees to check he's OK... but Tee's a big boy who doesn't need to be followed!

Time to get ready and get out of the door! But Tee has other ideas.

Tee makes his first foray into the world of 2 wheel bike riding.

Tee goes all out to find a way to use the see saw on his own... surely this won't end well.

It's a long car journey... and Tee is listening to his favourite pop song on repeat.

Mo tries to lift weights to this eighties style power pop... but it turns into Tee lifting!

Heartwarming moment where Tee realises that helping joining in with his friends is more fun that pushing in.

A version of the music from classic war film '633 squadron' rendered on kids instruments... it's time for Tee to go Zooming!


In 2015 I was commissioned by Film Spot to write 2 new scores for live performance to 1920s silent films; 'A Cottage on Dartmoor' (a brilliant comedy thriller created right at the end of the silent era) and 'The Great White Silence' (a documentary about Scott's ill fated Antarctic mission featuring early footage from the expedition).

They were both a real pleasure to score for. Here is the trailer for ‘A Cottage on Dartmoor’